Automation Solutions

Automation Software That Scales With Your Business

Avenir offers scalable automation software that automates virtually any business or IT process. Our product line provides automation solutions designed to meet the needs of any organization:

Automate Desktop

Easily configurable robots for single user desktop automation.

Automate Intelligent Capture

Intelligent automation to capture and extract complex document data.

What Makes Automate Different?

Avenir Innovative Solutions Automate offers scalable automation software to solve real problems, deliver value faster, and achieve automation success—all within a single solution. With superior flexibility and scalability, you can easily go from basic automated tasks to full enterprise-level deployment. We’ve got you covered for wherever you want to go—and everything in between.

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RPA bots with no code that you can use as attended or unattended with 600+ pre-built automation actions.

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Rated above other RPA providers for ease of implementation, usability, and intuitiveness.

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Recognized for best return on investment by users, delivering five times more value than other RPA solutions.

What Processes Can You Automate?

There are so many types of business processes you can streamline with Automate—from data scraping and extraction to web browser tasks to integrating with your most critical business applications. The possibilities for digital transformation are endless.

Excel Automation

Go beyond macros to automate Excel reports for more efficient and accurate Excel processes.

Web Browser Automation

Streamline web data extraction with automated navigation, input, and more.

Automated Data Extraction

Eliminate manual tasks and custom script writing for automated data aggregation.

Automated User Provisioning

Automate user provisioning for tools like Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory.

Report Generation and Distribution

Manipulate data and automate reporting across your organization.

Easy Automation

Low code automation so you won't have to rely on devs and software engr. Easy automation is set for rapid market growth.

Automated File Transfer

Automate file, data transfer, ETL and EDI to manage a high volume of transfers.

Cross automation

Cross-automation to find the behavior of your website and application on various platforms.

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