inCounse Case Study

Business Objective

Our main objective was to develop a web application for students which can help them to maximise the chance of cracking India’s toughest Entrance Exams and to offer a study plan, that is crafted by the best JEE/NEET coaches and counsellors in the country.

Business Challenges

UI/UX Improvement

Sometimes it’s the small UI/UX elements that make the biggest impact. It’s the feeling of ease and simplicity that you get from great design. Creating a flawless experience was our challenge we faced while developing this web application.


In the midst of design and user experience, web app security is often neglected. Security issues in-app will be a troublesome concern for developers especially when the application is dealing with the vital information such as payment details, contact information, and confidential data.

Students Performance

No user like slow load times. This is one of the main challenges we faced while making web application. Our developers build a robust application to ensure performance.

Business Solution

Thorough Understanding is must while developing a web application for students. Reducing Extra Plugins, securing payment gateway and Bulk Upload of question features were made easy because of our professionals developers, which made successful delivery of your web development project.

Key Features

Unlimited Mock Test

Weekly Targets

Topic- wise Performance

Overall Probability


Incounse is a Web Application developed for tracking performances of students for India’s toughest Exam. Knowing about Probability to crack exams, topic-wise performances, and graphical analytics was made easy through incounse.

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